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Last modified: July 13, 2010

This page contains items for download. All spreadsheets and tools are free for personal, non-commercial use.


RIAA Background


page 1: RIAA Curve Calculate RIAA curve version 2.0
page 3: Example fig 3.4 RIAA background, page 3, Figure 3.4, Calculation of active one-pass RIAA filter version 1.0
page 4: Loekie Loekie one-pass passive RIAA filter (also Scratch and Jerry calculations) version 2.1
page 5: PhonoCard PhonoCard RIAA calculations and chart Version 2.0
page 5: Phono Amp Generator Generator for a phonoamp with Hybrid RIAA filter as in PhonoClone version 1.1
page 5: Phono Amp Generator tool Generator for a phonoamp with active inverted RIAA filter as in PhonoCard version 1.0

Tube Background

Page 1: Tube data Most used Tube formulas version 1.0
Page 1 & 2 Tube formulas and tube aging calculations version 2.0

Page 4: Bandwidth

Attenuator Background    
Attenuator Calculate a series, shunt or ladder attenuator version 2.3


Project Description Link
Scratch Copy of schematics of Triode Dick Tube rectifier version
Tweety Tweety phono amp with SRPP

amp v. 1.0
amp v. 2.1
PS Granny

Loekie Loekie Phono amp with SRPP


Jerry Jerry Phono amp based on 12SL7 in mu-Follower version 0.1


Phono amp with Hybrid RIAA filter  
PhonoCard Phono amp with active filter and inverted design amp
GeenKloon Schematics of Geenkloon, non-inverted gainclone based on LM3875 amp
Cyclone Schematics of Cyclone, inverted gainclone based on LM3875 amp

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