HeadHunter Headphone Tube Amplifier (OTL)

Page 4: Testing and Listening Impression

Start date: April 26, 2007


The first listening impressions tempted me to change it's name in headache. Humm was too loud. But using a separate transformer for the B+ and an additional RC filter solved that problem. No humm left.

Now, after proto nr 3, the sound is as good as can be. I´ve been listening to the amp for a while on my iPod (using my Senns) and i like the sound. Basses are warm and deep and sound is detailed. Subjective testing with my iPod tells me this is going to be a good amplifier.

Of course I need to do some tests to determine whether both tubes are more or less equal (and both channels are therefore equally loud), and see whether the amp is stable over a longer period of time. Especially the heater supply must be able to cope with the load and be able to dissipate the heat.

Further testing will be done as soon as I finish the amp.


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Maarten&Annemarie, November 2006
last modified 22 July, 2012