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Last modified: June 16, 2007

For your Info ...

This page contains technical background information that I put together for myself. Often I take design decisions or I'm looking up information while I'm sure I did the same thing a short while before. Therefore I structured the information I gathered from several sources on the web and reading books and articles and added my own experience to it.

Also, some people are kind enough to write emails to me asking about the rationale of doing things a certain way, or give advice for my new projects. Well, I hope that these readers are satisfied when reading these pages.

  1. GainCalc; more on OpAmp calculations
  2. Dim it; How to make your 12- or 24-step attenuator
  3. My RIAA filter background cookbook (Rewritten)
  4. Essential Tube formulas and spreadsheet (Rewritten)
  5. Power Supply design for tube preamps
  6. Some thoughts on Cables
  7. Mains Filter background
  8. Playing with a Room Analyser
  9. What tools to use, SPICE models etc. I gathered (Draft)

Please write me an email with your feedback. After all, I don't have a background in the field of analog audio and I can use a little help every now and then.


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